Whole Body Check-up

1.Blood Grouping + Rh
2.Full Blood Count
3.Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
4.Serum Creatinine
5.Fasting Blood Sugar
6.Post Parandial Blood Sugar
7.Serum Uric Acid
8.Serum Electrolytes
9.Liver Profile
10.Lipid Profile
11.Urine full report
13.Chest X-Ray
14.Ultra Sound Scan Abdomen
15.ECHO by Cardiologist
16.Exercise ECG
17.Checking of Height, Weight
18.Checking of vision
19.Dietician’s Consultation
20.Consultation by HM Consultant
21.Consultation by Eye Surgeon
22.Consultation by ENT Surgeon
23.US Breast / Mammogram
24.PAP Smear

Rs. 20,000.00