Oasis Genital & Kidney Health Check-up

1.Checking of Height, Weight & BodyMass Index —BMI
2.Full Blood Count (Haemoglobin / PCV / RBC / MCHC /MCV / MCH / Total WBC / Differencial Count / Platelat Count )
3.C-Reactive Protein —CRP
4.HIV I & II —STD Screening
5.Hep B sAg —STD Screening
6.VDRL —STD Screening
7.Fasting Blood Sugar —Diabetic Screening
8.Lipid Profile (Total Cholestrol / HDL & LDL Cholesterol / Triglycerides / Ratio of Cholesterol / HDL )
9.Renal Profile (S.Electrolytes / S.Cretaine / Blood Urea /
S.Uric acid / S.Calcium / S.Phospurus)
10.Urine Full Report
11.Urine microalbumin
12.X-Ray —KUB (After bowel preparation of least two days, need to take laxatives for two days with diet modification)
13.Ultra Sound scan whole Abdomen and Genito-Urinary Track by Consultant Radiologist
15.2D ECHO by Consultant Cardiologist
16.PAP Smear (Females —Cervical Cancer Detection- by VOG)
17.Prostate Specific Antigen (Males —Prostate Cancer Detection)

Rs. 19,000.00

>> Physical examination and discussion of reports will be done by a Consultant Nephrologists.

>> If necessary referred Consultation by Consultant Sexual Transmitted Diseases Physician.

>> Consultant with Dietician.