Welcome to Oasis Hospital, Srilanka

<span>Welcome</span> to Oasis Hospital, Srilanka

OASIS is one of the best private hospitals located in Narahenpita, Colombo, right at the center of the health care hub of Sri Lanka. At OASIS, all major medical and surgical services are available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Though we offer you the peace of mind that twenty-first century medical technology can provide, our most valuable treatment is the therapeutic and loving care provided by our well qualified, experienced and dedicated staff. We are proud to offer our fellow Sri Lankans and foreign visitors the most accurate diagnostic and treatment capabilities that have been consistently ranked in the top five of all private hospitals in the country.

OASIS Hospital, since its inception has grown to become a multi-super specialty hospital located in the healthcare hub of Colombo and is a pioneer in “personal healthcare”. OASIS hospital as center of excellence is well equipped with state of the art laboratory and medical equipment.

The Oasis Hospital which was established in 1999 is a leading private sector Hospital. It has reached a high degree of excellence in its services. In keeping with the international standards, the Hospital provides state-of-the-art health care facilities to people at affordable charges. The services provided by the Oasis Hospital are considered to be on par with international standard, because a variety of sophisticated medical equipment needed for diagnostic purposes have been installed for the convenience of the Consultants and Doctors.

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Mission of OASIS Hospital

OASIS hospital’s mission is:* To participate in the process of creating healthier lives within the community.

To provide healthcare services in a fiscally responsible manner which contribute to the physical, psychological, social and spiritual well being of the patients and community which it serves.

To provide assistance to the whole person in a Buddhist spirit of equality and interfaith tolerance serving all regardless of age, colour, creed or gender.
Founder of Oasis Hospital
From state-of-the-art   equip – ment to progressive, spacious layouts, the OASIS Hospital was designed to assure you receive quick response, comfort and privacy during your stay. Every architectural design, every piece of furniture, every treatment method was selected to assure   that OASIS Caregivers can give patients the very   best care.
Chairperson / Managing Director


Chief Executive Officer / Director
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Dr. Nayomi Kanchana Edirisinghe
Director Dept. of Medical Oncology
The Director Dept. of Ophthalmology
General Physician


The objective of OASIS Hospital is to provide excellent Medical and Health Care to the public at an affordable cost. Staffs at OASIS are constantly reminded of the necessity to be attractive and caring to all visitors to the hospital.
With this vision, we have endeavored to broad base our services to the general public.
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[tippy title="24 Hour Emergency Treatment Unit (ETU) – Call 5424555" href="" header="on"]Well equipped 6 bedded ETU with qualified Medical Officer’s and Nursing staff.[/tippy]

[tippy title="24 Hour Emergency Ambulance Service – Call 0710301321" href="" header="on"]Well equipped with mobile Patients transferring and specially trained staff.[/tippy]

[tippy title="24 Hour OPD Consultation" href="" header="on"]For routine Consultations[/tippy]

[tippy title="24 Hour Pharmacy" href="" header="on"]With qualified Pharmacists[/tippy]

[tippy title="24 Hour Laboratory" href="" header="on"] With modern updated Laboratory equipments and well trained staff. Haematology / Biochemistry / Hormones / Clinical Pathology / Histopathology [/tippy]

[tippy title="Specialists Channeling" href="" header="on"]Physicians / Dialectologists / Surgeons / Gynaecologists & Obstetricians / Paediatricians / Neonatologists / Paediatric Cardiologists / Paediatric Surgeons / Geriatric Medicine Physicians / Paediatric Dermatologist / Child Psychiatrists / Psychiatrists / Cardiologists / Cardiothoracic Surgeons / Oncologists / Gastroenterologists / Gastroentological Surgeons / Eye Surgeons / Neurologists / Neuro Surgeons / Nephrologists / Urologists / ENT Surgeons / Orthodontists / Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons / Implantologists / Rheumatologists / Sport Medicine Physicians / Sexually Transmitted Diseases Physicians / Dermatologists / Orthopedic Surgeons / Vascular Surgeons / Transplant Surgeons / Plastic Surgeons / Speech Therapists / Physiotherapists / Dieticians / Microbiologists / Histopathologists / Anesthetists / Pain Management Specialists / Diving Medicine Specialist / Health Management Physicians)[/tippy]

[tippy title="Oncology (Cancer) Department" href="" header="on"]Full Time in House Cancer Specialist
Medical Oncology Treatment Unit
Special Care Unit – Administer anti-cancer drugs
Radioactive Iodine Treatment Unit
Surgical Oncology Unit

[tippy title="Medical Unit" href="" header="on"]Full Time In House General Physician
Medical Ward Rooms / Cubicles

[tippy title="Surgical Unit" href="" header="on"]Surgical Day Care Unit for Minor Surgeries
Special Surgical Packages

Post Surgical Care Unit
Surgical Ward Rooms / Cubicles

[tippy title="Operation Theaters / Septic Theaters" href="" header="on"]With modern surgical facilities[/tippy]

[tippy title="Laparoscopic Surgeries" href="" header="on"]By expert medical staff[/tippy]

[tippy title="Endoscopy Unit" href="" header="on"]Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

[tippy title="Maternal & Gynaecological Unit" href="" header="on"]Labor Room
Maternity Ward Rooms AC/Non AC
Special Packages for Normal Deliveries / Cesarean Sections – LSCS / Womb removing surgery –AH/TH

[tippy title="Endoscopy Unit" href="" header="on"]Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

[tippy title="Maternal & Gynaecological Unit" href="" header="on"]Labor Room
Maternity Ward Rooms AC/Non AC
Special Packages for Normal Deliveries / Cesarean Sections – LSCS / Womb removing surgery –AH/TH

[tippy title="Paediatric Unit & Neonatal ICU" href="" header="on"]Paediatric Channeling Unit
Paediatric Day Care Unit
Paediatric Ward Rooms / Cubicles

[tippy title="He="Psychiatric Unit" href="" header="on"]OPD Child / Adult Psychiatric Patient Consultations
Specialized In-ward Psychiatric treatment Unit
Special trained Psychiatric Patients transporting Ambulance Service
Counseling Service – Child / Couple / Sex / Substance addiction
Special Packages for long term in ward Psychiatric Patients care[/tippy]

[tippy title="Sport Medicine Unit" href="" header="on"]Acute Sport Injury Management
Special Trained Sport Medicine Visiting Team Service
Sport Injury Rehabilitation Service
School Sports Student Medical Screening Packages

[tippy title="Pain Clinic" href="" header="on"]Sympathetically Mediated Pain
New Treatment for Chronic Pain
New Technology in Pain Management
Radio Frequency Procedures in Pain Management
Intra-thecal Drug Delivery (Pain Pumps)
Ozone Therapy

[tippy title="Plastic Surgical Unit" href="" header="on"]Breast Reduction
Scars removal

[tippy title="Senior Citizen’s Care Unit" href="" header="on"]Special Packages for long term in ward Patients with specialized medical care
For Elderly / Bedridden / disable – patients or healthy individuals
Spaces 15fts x 15fts room with attached toilet having hot water.
Adjustable bed / Bed Side Cupboard / Wardrobe / Washbasin / Couch for bystander
Around the clock in house Medical Officer’s care (two routine consultations per day)
Special Nursing care, Linen and meals, Common room area with leisure activities

[tippy title="Intensive Care Unit" href="" header="on"]Modern equipments
Specialized Medical and Nursing Staff

[tippy title="Dental / Orthodontic / Implants / Maxillary Facial Surgical Units" href="" header="on"]In House Dental Surgeons
Consultant Orthodontists
Consultant Oral Maxillary Facial Surgeons
Extractions / Nerve Filling / Normal Restorations / Scaling / Treating for Periodental Diseases / Dentures / Crowns / Bridges / Orthodontic Treatment / Oral Surgeries / Implants

[tippy title="Physiotherapy Unit" href="" header="on"]Full time qualified Physiotherapist
Interferrrential Therapy – IFT
Short Wave Diathermy – SWD
Infra Red Radiation – IRR
Ultra Sound Therapy
Cervical & Lumbar Traction / Electrical Muscle Stimulation
Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation Therapy – TENS
Strengthening Programme

[tippy title="Health Check ups" href="" header="on"]Oasis Basic / Child Health Check: Rs. 3 ,500.00
Oasis Health Check: Rs.6, 000.00
Oasis Heart Check: Rs.10, 000.00
Well Women Check: Rs.7, 000.00
Diabetic Check: Rs.5, 000.00
Oasis Full Body Check: Rs.15, 000.00
Oasis Genital & Kidney Health Check: For Male Rs.15, 000.00 / For Female Rs.13, 000.00

[tippy title="Radiology Unit" href="" header="on"]Digital X-Rays
Fluoroscopy – Barium meals X-rays
CT Scanning
Ultra Sound Scanning / 4D US Scans

[tippy title="Routine Home Visiting Care Unit" href="" header="on"]Monthly or once week or on your request routine Medical Check Up at your house
For Elderly / Bedridden / disable – patients or healthy individuals
Collecting blood or other samples at your house

[tippy title="Vehicles Parking Facilities" href="" header="on"]Free Parking[/tippy]

[tippy title="In Patient facilities" href="" header="on"]Luxury Suites / Luxury Rooms / Semi Luxury Rooms / Deluxe Rooms /
Slandered Rooms / AC-Non AC Rooms

[tippy title="IUI Unit" href="" header="on"] No Details Yet..

[tippy title="Ophthalmology Department" href="" header="on"] No Details Yet..

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Our Charities

Housing for twenty heroic Naval families – Galle

Twenty heroic Naval families received houses built with the financial assistance of Dr. E.M.S. Edirisinghe, Managing Director of Oasis Hospital (Pvt) Ltd and President of Institute of Technological Studies. The houses were ceremonially handed over to the recipients by First Lady Madam Shiranthi Rajapakse today, the 21st of August 2009. Commander of the Sri Lanka Navy Vice Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe, Navy Seva Vanitha Unit President Mrs. Malathie Samarasinghe, Mr and Mrs Edirisinghe and several high ranking Naval officers attended the houses handing over ceremony held at Walahanduwa Estate in the Galle district.

Twenty families of Naval personnel who sacrificed their lives and suffered injuries in the battle to liberate the motherland from the terrorism were the beneficiaries of this benevolent act of former Naval Officer turned entrepreneur Dr. E.M.S. Edirisinghe.
The houses have been built at a cost of 20 million rupees on the Walahanduwa Estate belonging to the Sri Lanka Navy on a suggestion made by former Navy Commander Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda. A community centre has also been constructed to cater to the educational and medical needs of the residents.

The Commander of the Navy expressed his gratitude to Dr. Edirisighe for his unique gesture worthy of emulation by all those who benefit from the dawn of the peace and stated that the 20 families of the affected Naval personnel would be equally grateful for his generosity since they would feel that their loved ones did not sacrifice in vain but contributed to preserve a grateful society which is sensitive to their responsibilities towards those who gave their flower of youth to ensure a better future for the others.

Sri Lanka Navy salutes Dr. E.M.S. Edirisinghe for his magnanimous gesture and wishes Oasis and ITS, which are celebrating their 10th and 25th anniversaries respectively, all success in their future endeavors.

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